Who we are

Videodelta is a Dubbing and Audio-Video Post-Production company located in Turin (Italy). Set up in 1986, during these 30 years of continuous activity in the Italian television scenario, Videodelta has acquired and consolidated a wide experience in the realization of the Italian Dubbing for all kinds of TV programs, such as movies, series, cartoons, documentaries, soap operas, telenovelas.

For the realization of Italian version of TV programs Videodelta provides services conforming to the technical specifications required by clients and main Italian and International broadcasters (Mediaset, Rai, La7, Disney, Warner Bros, Fox, MGM, Universal, Paramount, Netflix, Vodafone and many others).

We work in SD, HD and 4K from the receipt of the original materials (via SmartJog, Aspera or on HDD), to the Translation and Adaptation of the scripts, the Planning, the Recording and the Synchronization of the Dubbing, the audio Mixing and Quality Control and the Video Editing (titles, charts, subtitles).

Videodelta avails itself of a wide staff of Translators, Adaptors, Video and Sound Engineers and a rich panel of Dubbers and Dubbing Directors from Turin, Rome and Milan.


Translation and Adaptation Dialoghi

Cerificazione Source-Connect
per il Doppiaggio da remoto (link)


Dubbing Direction

Mix 7.1 in Cinema with Dolby CP750, 5.1 e 2.0

Foley Artist

Recording and Sync Voices with Avid ProToolsHD

Editing Video SD, HD e 4k Avid Nitris, Adobe Premiere Pro e Final Cut Pro X

Quality Control Audio and Video

Multilingual Dubbing

Audio Descriptions

Receive and send materials on web with Fiber COLT using Smartjog, Aspera, Server Exchange


Scuola di Teatro
Sergio Tofano

Lubiani Tecnologie

Machiavelli Music

Work with us






Mario Brusa

Mario Brusa

Artistic Director and Sole Manager

Andrea Di Credico

Head of Dubbing & Post-Production

Cristina Cantello

Sales & Acquisitions Manager

Susanna Vetrugno

Programming Manager

Valeria Lombardi

Programming Manager


Videodelta S.r.l.
Via Vandalino, 49 – 10142 – Torino
Tel: +39 011 773 05 47